NYSC (National Youth Service Corp) as we have a tendency to all recognize could be a platform wherever graduates from completely different tertiary establishment, close for a year in numerous state to serve their father’s land. To some it’s a remarkable development whereas to others it’s like mad in an exceedingly prepacked type.
This article isn’t supported NYSC however on what happens when NYSC.

Some has finished their service year, whereas others can before long be through then travel to the subsequent section of life. this suggests no a lot of alert from Federal Pocket, PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) or the authorities, prefer it or not, this can be a pure truth. however those who are very terribly lucky or those that are argus-eyed of this economic trend in African nation can attempt to success.


Those that will in earnest rummage around for information and opportunities will succeed, those who recognize the dig dong search methods can eventually realize opportunities, those who are formidable can realize a moneymaking business to try to to and people that are lazy will reside home to understand after they are previous . therefore that class can you belong to when your service year? several Nigerian graduates still sit back reception or some even tend to affix the labour market movement stuffed with countless graduates UN agency also are trying to find the so known as “White collar Job” which successively is equivalent to state among Nigerian youths.

Recently, out of the thirteen,000 applications received by Dangote cluster of firms for graduates government truck drivers, there have been six Doctor of Philosophy. holders, 704 master’s degree and over eight,460 BSc holders, although the corporate solely required a hundred drivers, almost 13,000 were received largely from graduates of prestigious universities. More so, in keeping with the federal ministry of labor and productivity, it absolutely was declared that the obligatory NYSC, over forty one of Nigerian graduates are while not employment. The Bureau for Statistics additional that over fiftieth of youths in African nation are unemployed, whereas the planet bank puts the figure at fifty six considering the country’s calculable population of concerning 167 million and sixty million unemployed , these figures are alarming and poses a good threat to the economic process and development of a Nation with the very best concentration of black folks on earth.

To avoid being on the negative facet of African nation scenario when service year, there are some belongings you have to keep your self doing, that brings concerning the question, What next when service year?


For the primary few months when service, most will stay terribly idle and can don’t have anything doing. These initial few months are often employed in personal development of one’s self. Mentally, Physically, and altogether ramification. decide a talent and learn a lot of concerning it, acquire the books you’ve got been procrastinating to read and skim up. There are numerous books out there that may be accustomed develop yourself. From sacred to religious to business and plenty a lot of. If already you’ve got what you smart at, you’ll likewise develop thereon.


Sounds awkward to the ears of somebody that simply finished service, right? As on behalf of me, it doesn’t. Learning a trade when NYSC doesn’t deprive you of your integrity or speaks less of you. If you check the background of a number of the highest rice folks in your neighbourhood or African nation at giant, you may learn that they were into trade before they started creating millions out of it. Learning a trade isn’t one thing to seem down on, however associate degree avenue to extend financially. it’s going to be effortful and discouraging for a few whereas when you begin, however just like the expression “Good things don’t come back easily”, therefore whereas learning a trade conjointly learn to even have a permanent religious.

  1. produce a decent BUSINESS set up AND EXECUTE

Start up that dream business you’ve got been nursing for long. mountain (surname withheld) did his service at NNPC towers Abuja, a really smart place if you need to question me, plenty of connections and opportunities. monthly he got his “alawee” as popularly known as amongst corporation members, he bought garments and shoes luggage and fancy radiocarpal joint watches simply because he believed he required to impress the opposite employees. Wrong motive I say as a result of nowadays he’s prying abstinence and prayer simply to urge employment. whereas Daniel (Surname Withheld ) did his at a specific Ondo company, not well-known and he even had problems with some months payments, however he concentrated 1/2 his allowance monthly and currently he has his own functioning business. The distinction between mountain and Daniel is that Daniel had a decent set up ordered down and how of saving up to finance that plan from the overall #19,800 all corporation members receive monthly that he accustomed execute his set up.


To those of you UN agency are the career driven sorts, you’ll conceive to more your education by obtaining master’s degree (Masters) within the field of your alternative. Search through commissioned establishments before applying for your master’s program. Some can say no cash to fund them. Common! there are plenty of scholarship programs out there, if not full then [*fr1], you’ll simply Google search through, apply and you would possibly be lucky. it’s okay to try to to your master’s programme, however get this straight, if your sole purpose for doing masters is to urge a high paying job, then you’re heading for a shocker ‘cos guess what’? there are numerous folks with masters UN agency are nonetheless to urge employment, speak less of excellent ones. therefore get certified in what you like and compliment it with one thing.

  1. espouse

As funny as this could sound, it’s therefore true and suggested for the feminine gender most importantly. obtaining married when your service year can prevent from alot of stress and troubles, largely financially and it’ll be a relieve to your father, because the responsibility of paying on you has been shifted to a different man. obtaining married when service year could be a smart factor and how of serving time, rather than being idle or caper around thereby wasting your precious time on folks that don’t worthwhile.


Just before you end your service year, raise yourself these questions:-

  • What are my torrid about?
  • What are my opportunities like?
  • What talent do I possess.

When you answer these question properly, then you’ve got won fiftieth of the race.

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