Victor Ariole of the Department of French, Lagos State University, on weekday educated the central regarding Federal Republic of Nigeria to contour the amount of philosophical teams within the nation into some gathering frameworks.

NAN reports that Ariole gave the steering amid the 2019 Lagos Rosicrucian meeting with the subject: “Otherworldliness for Social Justice”, command at ISIS Temple, Illupeju, Lagos.


He aforementioned that operating some gathering frameworks would empower the citizens to select their pioneers equitably while not predisposition or confusedness.

As per him, the multi-party framework worked within the nation was associate degree unimportant misuse of the country’s assets.

“We host ninety one political gatherings within the nation by and by that are altogether backed by the administration; this can be within and out misuse of our country’s assets.

“I can prompt we tend to contour these gatherings to some to regulate against confusedness on that gathering to place in power and cater to our assets well,” he aforementioned.

Ariole asked FG to be entirely dependable and receptive to the wants of Nigerians including well-being, lodging, training, and sustenance.

He asked the general assembly to determine these wants as a desire to ensure that they’re effectively on the market for people to measure gently and in agreement.

“We are the foremost extravagant country among the geographic area nations but we tend to seem to be the smallest amount lucky as a result of we’ve not adequately directed our vitality toward productive endeavors,” he aforementioned.

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