I got married to my wife few months back but she stays in another state due to her work and there had been measures for she to join me until now. 
One thing she had repeatedly complain about is my low sex drive as she has boosted of how other men in her life before are stallion but she doesnt want me to be one but be able to meet her libido demands. 

This comparison created psychological issues for me hence the lack of drive and she really want to make a baby due to her age. Not having more sex has made her fight me, attack me, despice and disrespectful but i have pleaded she give me more time to sort things out but she’s more persistent hence we’d been separated for 4 months now, 3 more month to our anniversary.
Another angle is a week after our traditional wedding, i and wife decided to go to the marriage registry to get a certificate but her dad got to know through her, put a call to me and cursed that my children will disrespect me for not informing him. My Wife is a divorcee from another marriage.
after she divorced her first husband, we clicked and i collected the marriage list but somehow even when the family gave me the list they introduced her to a more wealthier guy whose business concern affect the family fortune positively but the engagement failed and my wife ran back to me. During the course of her engagement to the other guy my wife kept delaying our ceremony, no longer visit and her family wont tell me any meaningful excuse not until the engagement was put off and she ran back to me and we immediately commenced the marriage process. It Was a week after marriage i discovered everything and despiced her sexually.

We have been separated 4 months now but the mom had been calling and begging we reconcilled even employing a marriage counsellor for us but the dad had been indiferent and my wife though pompous had shown signs of reconciliation but wont apologize for the irrational actions that sent her away.
There can be reconciliation BUT DO I NEED IT