The majority leader of the Kano State House of Assembly, honourable Baffa Babba has explained that the establishment of four new emirates by the government is aimed at improving the security architecture in the state.

Mr Babba who was a guest on Channels Television’s State Of The Nation on Friday stressed that the Emirates were in existence since the Jihad time and was only abolished.


He added that while the Emirates was in existence back then, the region witnessed better security network and that was the reason why Governor Abdullahi Ganduje asked that the move be revisited and reintroduced.

“The emirates that are established now were in existence since the Jihad time, so it’s not a new thing, some interest came across and abolished these emirates which we had a lot of problem due to the abolition of the emirate.

“Before, there was a better security network when we had the emirate in Kano. The Emirs will know who came to Kano, their ward, where are the people coming from, what their business is, are the visitors.

“But now, you will see that some people will be trooping into the state without this being checked. If this can be checked, there won’t be the problem of someone camping and start attacking people.”

Babba stressed that the insecurity rate in the country is due to a poor framework of the traditional institutions in the country and it should be rebuilt.

“It is because of the failure of traditional institutions to be established and given the power to look at all affairs, especially in security.

“These institutions need to be rebuilt and put into the constitution of Nigeria and be given an absolute role, especially in terms of security, they have a better network.

“With this additional creation of emirate councils, the security situation of the state will improve by giving the powers to the emirs to check all the excesses of people coming in.”

Governor Ganduje signed the bill seeking to establish four additional first class Emirates in Kano State on Wednesday.

The act has paved a way for the decentralisation of the Kano Emirate council thereby decentralising the power of Emir of Kano.

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