‘Love at first sight’
Morning of dew and snow
Alone beside the window
Alone on the innocent sofa
Looking straight into the sky
Thinking of the future alone

I saw the shadow of an unknown creature
Beautifully designed in the best shape
Is it a spirit?
But spirit do not have shadow
If it is a spirit,then i will follow
I will serve to the end
I will worship without regret
I swallow my thought and wish
Oh! The creature is moving closer
So,its human just like me!
One of the best i have ever seen
So beautiful and good looking
Carefully created

I look straight into the heart
Of an angel and i see the best,
The heart that accommodate
Again! Am so confuse
Which should i consider
The psychological or physical apperance
Oh! I fall for that
White teeth like snow
That beautiful eye balls
Which shines to my heart
The height and shape
That makes you look different
Oh! I fall for that 
Incredible character of yours
That makes you unique
And I have gain confidence
To say; I Love You

Will you be mine?
Let me worship your beauty
I want to own you
To have you beside my humble self
And again we can
Think of the future together.
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