The Nigeria Peace Corps bills,  which comprises of two main bills. THE NATIONAL UNITY AND PEACE CORPS (Head by CHINEDU NNEJI) AND THE PEACE CORPS OF NIGERIA (Head Amb.Dickson Akor as well as the founder).
One of the areas that President Muhammadu Buhari must address urgently after the election is the high level of unemployment in the country, especially among the youth population. The recent level of unemployment figures that was announced by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) is unacceptable by most Nigerians and I am convinced that the President is unhappy about the situation.
Having said that, I believe that one of the areas through which the President can reduce the level of unemployment is the Peace Corps Bill which the President earlier rejected when it was presented to him to sign into law by the National Assembly.
It would be recalled that the core mandate of the Nigerian Peace Corps as contained in the consolidated Bill was to empower, develop and provide gainful employment for the youths; to facilitate peace, volunteerism, community services, neighbourhood watch and nation building.  The Peace Corps is a youth organisation committed to the training, education and reorientation of the Nigerian youth for leadership position. This has become important as youths in Nigeria increasingly become tools used by criminal elements to disturb the peace of the country. That is why the corps inculcates in the youths, the spirit of nation building, respect for constituted authority and patriotism, among others.
With these trainings, the Nigerian youth become aware of the great role they have to play in conflict resolution and restoration of peace in troubled spots in the country.
Given the importance of the Peace Corps, especially in employment generation, and most importantly, in adding to the nation’s security architecture at a time the nation is facing serious security challenges, despite the commendable efforts of the administration, the President should, after his reelection, reconsider the bill.
It is also gratifying that many prominent Nigerians have joined in the call for the President to reconsider the Peace Corps Bill, the most recent being the Emir of Daura, Alhaji (Dr) Umar Farouk Umar, who appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to rescind his decision on the Nigerian Peace Corps (Establishment) Bill. According to him, the corps, when established, would serve as a platform for providing massive job opportunities for Nigerian youths and creating the desired peaceful atmosphere against the prevailing height of insecurity in Nigeria.
Addressing the delegation of officers of the Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN) in his palace recently, the Emir commended the organisation for its doggedness and for conducting itself peacefully by resorting to the rule of law and advocacy in pursuing its goals.
He hailed the Peace Corps personnel for conducting themselves within the ambit of the law in spite of their disappointments over the rejection of the Bill by President Buhari. As a father, he said he would look into the demands of the Corps with a view to making the Bill see the light of the day.
The monarch acknowledged that, “when the Nigerian Peace Corps Bill becomes law, it would serve as a platform for providing massive job opportunities for the Nigerian youths and creating the desired peaceful atmosphere against the prevailing height of insecurity in Nigeria.”
Similarly, the minister of Youths and Sports had been an advocate for the establishment of the Peace Corps, saying that it would save Nigeria and Nigerians from the menace of criminality, since its core mandate is to engage the youths who are currently roaming the streets.
It has been reported that the Corps has a membership of about 157,000 regular officers, 2 million volunteers and can provide jobs for about 3 million youths, all compelling reason to reconsider the Bill.
From a reliable source,  our corespondent made it known that, the stakeholders who supported the development of the peace corps from the National Assembly are encouraging the President to sign the bill with numerous reasons,  INSECURITY and UNEMPLOYMENT,  the unemployment is also contributing to the insecurities, they said the president said,  let see what will happen before June 12.


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