NUPEC still own re-introduced Nigeria Peace Bill- Commandant General

The attention of the NUPEC high Command has been drawn to the rumours being peddled around concerning the reintroduction of Nigerian Peace Corps bill by the 9th Assembly.

I am very much in doubt about the sensitivity and update of our officers including the senior ones to legislative issues and how they sometimes react to the same especially when it comes to our bill.

Many of our officers that I dubbed as “Thomases” are still of the notion that NUPEC is not included in the just newly reintroduced Nigerian Peace Corps bill. This is grossly an act of indiscipline and lack of trust in the leadership of the organization, and any officer caught in this act will definitely face the music.

Now to the Thomases, how could you have believed that NUPEC is not included in the newly reintroduced bill? Remember that the grammar being used was “REINTRODUCED”.

May be you are being deceived by the utterances and scheming of Mr. Dickson Akoh going from one place to another parading himself as the owner of the bill since being reintroduced. You are least expected to have forgotten the kind of personality he is. He did same things during the 8th Assembly and eventually jeopardized the opportunity we had then.

Let me make it clear to you that, The House of Representatives of this 9th Assembly had acted on “order 12 rule 16 of Standing Order of the House” which allows them to revisit each and every bill to which Mr. President withheld his assent due to one reason or the order with a bid to either expunge the grey areas or amend it. How then can Mr. Akoh be the owner of the bill that had been passed by the 8th Assembly with NUPEC included? And what they did on Wednesday (yesterday) was to allow the House Committee on the whole to make the necessary amendments and resort back to the House, and not “Second Reading “.

Or may be our officers thought our able CG is not doing anything? Such thought is even unthinkable. You should know our CG is a subtle person who is in his manner of approach “work more and talk less”. You will soon be surprised that, ” when our CG takes on the world, the world loses”. Its high time you realized that we have to be steadfast, prayerful, dedicated and trust the leadership of this noble organization especially at this time.

For more clarifications on this, let all the eligible senior officers be present in person at the forthcoming National Council Meeting slated for this Saturday where you will hear the first hand information that will clear your doubt from the horse’s mouth.

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