Reknowned Bishop Gwajima of Ufufuo na Uzima miniseries in Tanzania is the latest talk of town after his sex tape made its way on Instagram last evening.

This came as a big shocker since the man of God has always been on forefront to condemn those enjoying the pleasures of the world and ignoring God’s word.

He was also among the most truested men of God in Tanzania and of course had several churches under his miniseries. However, with the video and photos making rounds on social media seems that most people have used this opportunity to laugh off at the pastor.
Controversial preacher

Apparently he filmed the video himself and surprisingly the lady seen in the video is not his girlfriend/wife but a young lady from his church. Other rumors claims that the pastor is also well known for having affair

After the video leaked, the authorities decided to have him present himself at the police Station; and judging from how Magufuli’s governments does not entertain nonsense, it’s since unclear what will happen.