Before having sex you’ve most likely shaven or taken a shower to form certain everything is recent and smart to travel however when sex, you are doingn’t extremely place abundant thought into what you do. you may have a routine and you don’t even are aware of it. There are things we tend to subconsciously do all the time and when sex isn’t any completely different. we tend to spoke to completely different girls on what they are doing now when sex and this is often what they same. might} perhaps notice that you just may have one amongst these, some humourous, habits.

1.“I always pee after sex. For some reason I’m always pressed after having sex and the bathroom is the first place I run to.”


2.“I always have to analyze the bed especially if it’s mine. I hate having a mess and the first thing I do is check how messy things got and if I have to change my sheets. I hate having sex on fresh sheets because I probably always have to change them.”

3.“Gosh, I’m usually so thirsty. I don’t know why. I always drink water or juice.”

4.“Whenever I’ve had sex, especially if it’s for the first time, I think about what just happened. I always expect the best from the guy and if he’s a disappointment, I just think of how I will ghost him.”

5. “Cuddle! I am such a cuddler.”

6.“I sleep. I know people say that men get sleepy after sex, but I also have zero energy left and I’m usually so sleepy. Too bad for the guy if he wants to cuddle or talk.”

7. “I always check the time after sex. I have to see how long we have been at it and also how long he lasted.”

8. “I have to check the condom. I’m not on contraceptives and I am so scared of getting pregnant. Before he takes it off I have to analyze it and make sure everything is fine, no holes or anything.”

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