When it comes to sexual fantasies, our minds can go to some weird, creative, and unexpected places. Since a lot of people have fantasies that they would never tell a partner — or even want to carry out in real life — other people’s fantasies are pretty much a mystery. And because of that, you might feel like you’re the only one in the world who fantasizes about a certain thing. 

In hopes of ~demystifying~ the sexy and private inner worlds of other people, BuzzFeed asked people of all ages, genders, and sexualities to describe the nitty-gritty of their favorite sexual fantasies. And keep in mind: Your sexual fantasies are not bad or shameful. 
1. “I want a hot guy go down on me and make me come while my boyfriend watches so he can finally learn how to do it right.”
2. “To have a supernatural power to sleep with anyone that I choose and meet. Make them want to sleep with me regardless of their orientation. And have them have sex with me.”
3. “I would fucking love to be able to shift what kind of genitals I have at the drop of a hat. Like I’d love to fuck somebody with my dick, and then get fucked in my vagina, and then switch over to having a tentacle (or something even more non-euclidean) to masturbate with.”

4. “I have been in love with my ex for the last nine years. After watching Westworld, I started to imagine how awesome it would be to have a robot that looked and acted like my ex, but was actually present in my life. It didn’t take long for those daydreams to turn into sexual fantasies that have led me to masturbate much more frequently and only about having sex with my ex robot. My current boyfriend would die if he knew.”
5. “I love the thought of role-play, so I like to imagine a Harry Potter themed role-play. Snape and the all-study, no-play Ravenclaw student. Against a wall, over his desk. YES PLEASE. I already have the Snape costume from this past Halloween. What Alan Rickman brought to Snape is the reason I have this fantasy in the first place. But hey, I’m not complaining. I like tall, dark, and snarky men.”
6. “I actually have a rape fantasy. I would literally never tell anyone or ever ask them to do it because it seems so bizarre. There are so many women whose lives have been ruined because they were raped, but I don’t choose the fantasy. The fantasy chooses you.”
7. “Medical plus lesbians plus enemas, all together. A very real medical setting with real medical tools and outfits and procedures and lingo, plus some kind of ‘medically necessary’ orgasm torture while being forced to hold it in with a butt plug, all done by women, with maybe one man watching. Gotta have a pelvic/rectal exam somewhere in there, too.”

8. “For some reason, it’s always really turned me on when a partner shows strong emotion, so my fantasy is that me and a guy are at a hospital and somebody in his family died. He’s really upset and crying, and I’m upset and crying too because he is, and then I try to make him feel better by kissing him and holding him in my arms. Then he starts passionately kissing me and we sneak into a room to do it, really slow and kind of sad, but very loving and passionate with a lot of making out. I never hear anybody talk about a fantasy anything close to this, so I feel kind of weird and awkward and ashamed about it, but that’s my fantasy.”

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